Dwayne & Leia Norman

     You are going to watch part one of our 12 hour DVD set on the Mystery.  This series, the book and the study guide are an in-depth (not exhaustive) study of what God accomplished for us in Christ from the cross to the throne.  We are taking time to dig deep into what it means to have been identified with Christ in 7 areas:  His crucifixion, death, burial, quickening, conquering, resurrection and ascension into Heaven.  Let's get established in God's eternal purpose which He accomplished for us in Christ Jesus, then we will have great boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him!     

It may take a minute for the video to come on after clicking the blue button.

Also, we have downloaded 14 of our books to amazon.com as Kindle books (the front cover will be different, but they are the same books).  I hope that they will be a great blessing to you!