Dwayne & Leia Norman

Also, we have downloaded 14 of our books to amazon.com as Kindle books (the front cover will be different, but they are the same books).  I hope that they will be a great blessing to you!

The Mystery Book and The Mystery Study Guide

         In these materials we take a journey into the greatest and most transforming truth that has ever been revealed to humankind!  Most Christians do not have a solid foundation of understanding in the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.  They know the facts, but not what happened behind the scenes.  That's truly the meat of God's Word! 

         Calvary was the most awesome demonstration of God's unconditional love for humanity that we will ever know!  We delve into 7 areas of our redemption.  We were crucified with Christ.  We died, were buried, made alive, conquered hell, were resurrected and seated in Him at the Father's right hand in Heaven.  This is the foundation of Christianity.  So, let's go together.  Back to the future!  Back to Calvary!  This book has 331 pages.

The Awesome Power In The Message Of The Cross

          Three very important things we share with Believers in churches we minister in: 

               1.   We tell every Christian what their ministry is.

               2.   We tell every Christian what they are to preach to every lost person they will ever meet.

               3.   We tell every Christian why they are to preach this message to every lost person.

Demonstrating God's Kingdom

          It's time for Believers to make a stand for God.  Let's quit playing church and be the church!  Let's step out in faith, even when those around us step back in fear!  Let's be the ones the Lord uses to demonstrate His Kingdom in Spirit and power!  The New Testament Church should be a Word and Spirit Church!  Let's get back to operating in God's perfect will!

The Law Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus

         The law of sin and death, or sin nature, is what enabled the devil to rule over lost humanity, and there was nothing we could do to override that law to be free from his tyranny.  God loved us so much that He chose to introduce a higher law (a higher power and force) into our situation that could override and supercede the law connecting us to the kingdom of darkness.  Through the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus we can enjoy forgiveness, healing, deliverance, prosperity and victory in every area of our lives!  It's all ours!  Let's walk in it!  Also, within this book I am teaching on our Divine Rights in Christ; as well as how to operate in the Courts of Heaven.  This book has 138 pages.

Going Up To The High Place

          We must get a revelation of what God meant when He said that He made us in Christ to sit in the Heavenly places.  No matter what you're dealing with in life, you are actually at rest and peace in Christ right now!  Our Father has already completed and finished everything for us!  The Lord wants us to learn how to live down here from up there.  Our position determines our condition.  No matter where we go on this earth, we get to operate in all the power and blessings from our place in Christ at our Father's right hand!  We are living under an open Heaven!

God's Elijah Army

           Once again, there's an Elijah in the land, and it's not just one man.  The Spirit and power of Elijah that was upon Elisha, was also upon

     John the Baptist.  Was that it, or is the Spirit and power of Elijah here today?  We are God's Elijah army and it's time we rise up and be the

     mighty spiritual warriors we've been anointed to be.  Let's win the lost, restore the Church, and be a force from Heaven that cannot be


Resurrection Witnesses  

           The good new is, every Christian has been spiritually raised from the dead.  Jesus' resurrection was your

     resurrection!  God wants you and me to learn how to witness and minister to others out of His supernatural,

     resurrection realm!  Great power, wisdom and gifts of the Spirit are available to flow through us in leading the lost

     to Christ, and in demonstrating God's Kingdom!

Defending The Faith

            This book is about the importance of getting established in the doctrines (teachings) of the Lord; especially the doctrine of Christ.

      The more established we are, the less we will be deceived.  You are not going to fall for anything counterfeit, if you know the genuine  

      and stay with it.  (II John 7-11)

The Prosperous Seed

             In Mark 4:26-32, The Lord Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is all about sowing and reaping.  God said, in Genesis

       chapter 8, that seedtime and harvest would be here as long as the earth remains.  It is time we learn how to work for a giving

       and sow for a living.  You can sow your way out of debt into every good thing God wants you to experience.  You are not

       buying anything from God, but you are releasing your faith through the seed to receive and appropriate everything He has

       already given you and finished for you in Christ at Calvary.  You are accessing God's grace through faith (Romans 5:2).

​       This book has 156 pages.

Are You Skilled In The Word of Righteousness?

              Did you know, as a Christian, you are already as righteous as God?  No, you don't have any righteousness apart from

        Jesus, but He is all our righteousness right now.  You are not trying to become righteous.  You were born righteous when

        you got saved.  There is great power in righteousness and we need to learn how to walk in it!  A revelation of your

        righteousness in Christ will affect every area of your life with joy, peace and victory!  Let's learn how to live from the inside


Just Believe

                A lot of the Church today do not realize how important faith is.  Many believers know that they were saved by faith,

         but have almost put it on the shelf after being born again, not thinking it really serves any more useful purpose.  The Bible

         teaches we got saved by faith, we walk by faith, we live by faith, we grow by faith and it is impossible to please God without

         faith!  Faith is extremely important!  In this book we are teaching on the simplicity of faith.  The Church has almost made

         faith very difficult and complex, but it is not.  We are suppose to believe God like a little child, just simply believe.  All        

         things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23)!

Your Beginning With God

               In years past when we would lead someone to the Lord, we would have to hunt for some kind of book to give them to 

          help them in their beginning walk with God.  This book is what I like to call a "real" follow up book for new believers.  The

          first chapter is on spirit, soul and body; explaining to the new Christian what part of him has been born again.  The second

          chapter is on why he needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak with other tongues.  The third chapter is about how 

          to be strong in the Lord- 7 important things; such as getting baptized in water and becoming a faithful member of a good

​          Word and Spirit (New Testament) church.

How To Respond To A Bad Report

                 First of all, the devil is defeated and we have the victory in Christ!  This book is about what it means to believe God no

           matter what you are going through.  Faith activates God's power to work on our behalf as long as we keep the power on.

           We can expect the Lord to turn around whatever we are dealing with to work out for our good and His glory!  Our faith in

           Jesus is the victory that has overcome the devil, the world and all of hell!

God's Will Is Healing For Everyone

                  Most Christians know that salvation is for everyone, but they don't know that healing is God's perfect will for 

            everyone.  The second chapter in this book is entitled "Things Jesus never said to the sick" and they happen to be 

            things that ministers have been saying to the sick for hundreds of years, and that needs to change.  If a sinner does not

            receive salvation, that does not prove that salvation was not God's will for him, it just means that he chose not to 

            receive what God wanted for his life.  

                  The same is true for healing.  If you don't receive your healing, that does not prove that it wasn't God's will for you to             be healed.  If you don't receive God's will for your body, that doesn't negate His will.  He still wants you healed!  There is               always a reason why people don't receive their healing, but it is never that healing is not God's will for them!!  Let's learn             how to receive.  God wants you healed and whole in your body!  He only wants good for you and your family!

True Repentance

                   What does it mean to repent?  Can a person repent without someone telling him that he needs to repent?  Did the 

             Apostle Paul (Acts 9) repent when he got saved?   Did the eunich (Acts 8) repent when he got saved?  What does it 

             mean when Peter said to repent and be converted (Acts 3:19)?  We need a better understanding of what it means for a

             lost person to repent and for a Christian to repent.  Also, what does it mean for Jesus to be our first love 

​             (Revelation 2)?

Grace, Faith, Rest, (the three levels of faith)

​                As Christians, we must have a better understanding about the grace of God.  Everything we               will ever need or desire is in the grace of God; that is why God's grace is more than enough 

            for us.  We also need a better understanding that faith and grace work together.  We got saved

            by faith through grace didn't we?  When we operate correctly in grace and faith, the result will

            be supernatural rest in our lives everyday! 

 IN CHRIST (True Purpose-True Peace-True Fulfillment)  

              A must read for all Believers.  This is an in depth study of who Jesus is in you, 

          who you are in Him, where you are in Him, what you have in Him and what you can

          do in Him for the glory of God!!

              The nine chapters (115 pages) include: 1. I Know a Man in Christ   2. What Do We

          Know About this Man in Christ?   3. Analyzing the New Creation   4. All of Our Ways

          in Christ   5. The Secret Place of the Most High: In Christ   6. We Must Put on the

          New Man   7. You are a Saint, a Priest, and a King in Christ   8. A Short Study on the

          1st Chapter of Ephesians   9. The Supremacy of Christ. 

The Imposed Covenant

                           Many Christians do not realize that the Bible is made up of the old and new covenants, and the                   Word of God from Genesis to Revelation is the Word of His covenant to us today.

                   In this book you will gain great insight into your union with Christ Jesus, as a result of your 

              identification with Him in this wonderful Blood covenant.  The precious Blood of Jesus which was 

              shed for you and me won't be thought of as something that just happened in the past, but it will

              become very real to you in the present, and you will receive a greater revelation of how powerful

              and alive His Blood is in your life today!

                    Also, you will receive a greater understanding of what a covenant is, and that every Christian 

              has been given the great honor and privilege of operating in a new and eternal Blood covenant 

              with Almighty God.

                    If you haven't understood how important it is to "Plead the Blood", then get ready for a greater

              reality of the power and blessings that the Lord has made available to you through His Blood!  All

              the victories and accomplishments of our Lord Jesus Christ are ours through His all-powerful

              covenant Blood!