Also, we have downloaded 14 of our books to as Kindle books (the front cover will be different, but they are the same books).  I hope that they will be a great blessing to you!

Dwayne & Leia Norman

​​      You may contact us by email ( for more details about our upcoming meetings, and if you would like to tune in to our internet radio broadcast, it's on   Monday thru Friday at 4PM Eastern Standard Time and Saturday and Sunday at 7:30AM.  It is called "Victory in the Word".    Also, you can listen to our radio program on your phone at the same time it airs on the internet by dialing (605) 477-5254.  Thank you.  I hope that you will follow us on, and  If you get a chance, please subscribe to our Youtube channel where you can listen to many of our messages, thank you.

February 3, 2019           Dry Ridge, Kentucky.  Sunday morning service.

February 17, 2019         Pikeville, Kentucky.  Victory Christian Ministries.

                                        138 Scott Avenue.  Service at 11AM Sunday

February 22,  2019        Athens, Georgia.  Friday night service at 7PM in

                                       their home.

February 24, 2019         Cleveland, Tennessee.  New Life Bible Church. 

                                        Sunday morning service.

March 10-13, 2019         Orlando, Florida.  Faith Creation.  5 Services       

March 17, 2019               Brevard, North Carolina.  Sunday morning service

March 24, 2019               Evansville, Indiana.   Sunday morning and night services.

April 1-5, 2019                Cleveland, Tennessee.  New Life Bible School.  Two                                                         services every morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

April 14, 2019                  Fairview, Tennessee.  Sunday morning and night


April 28, 2019                   Louisville, Kentucky.  Family of Faith Church- 7505

                                          St. Andrews Church Road.  Sunday at 11AM.

May 6,  2019                     Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  Sunday morning and night


May 19, 2019                     Louisville, Kentucky.   The River Church.  121000

                                           Taylorsville Road.  Sunday at 10:30AM.                                 

June 2-4, 2019                  Delphos, Kansas.  Living Cornerstone Fellowship.

                                           (2120 N. 88th Road).  Sunday morning. Monday night

                                           and Tuesday night services.

June 5, 2019                      Hutchenson, Kansas.  Grace Christian Church (805 E.                                                    Ave. B) Wednesday night service at 6PM.

June 23, 2019                    Owenton, Kentucky.  Beechwood Assembly of God-

                                           1960 Greenup Road.  Sunday morning service.

June 30, 2019                    Ashland, Kentucky.  Services Sunday morning and 

​                                            night.

July 6-7, 2019                    Dunbar, West Virginia.  New Beginnings Fellowship.

                                            (1301 Payne Ave.)  Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 3PM.

​July 7, 2019                       Cross Lanes, West Virginia.  New Horizon Worship

                                           Center-927 Cross Lanes Drive.  Service on Sunday 

                                            morning only.

​July 28, 2019                     Boonville, Indiana.  Church of the Living Word-1120

                                           S. 8th Street.  Services Sunday 10AM and 6PM.

August 2-4, 2019               Elkton, Kentucky.  Services Friday night, Saturday 

                                            afternoon and Sunday morning.  

September 8, 2019            Wood River, Illinois.  New Wine Family Church- 1121

                                            Poplar Street.  Services will be Sunday 10Am and 


September 20, 2019          Monroe, Georgia.  The Pittman Home service Friday

                                            night at 7PM.

September 23-27, 2019     Cleveland, Tennessee.  New Life Bible Church and 

                                            College.  Services Monday through Friday nights 

                                            from 7PM to 9PM.

September 28-29, 2019     Flovilla, Georgia.  Faith Family Church- 1391 Highway

                                            42S.  Services Saturday night.  Sunday 10AM and 6PM.

April 5,  2020                      Fairview, Tennessee.  Sunday at 10AM and Sunday

                                             at 6PM.  This will be a day of healing; so come and 


May 3, 2020                         Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  Services Sunday morning 

​                                             and Sunday night.