Leia and I want to thank you so much for sowing into God's Kingdom through our ministries.  The

Apostle Paul told the Philippian Christians who gave into his ministrythat they could now partake of

the grace that he operated in (Philippians 1:7).  That is also what he meant in Philippians 4:19.  He

was saying that because you communicated with me in giving and receiving, now my God will supply

all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

    God's grace is the operation and manifestation of the power of God in our lives!  When we give

into our church and other ministries, we should expect  to receive and partake of the same grace

those ministers are operating in!

     We should expect in Jesus' Name to see the same demonstrations of God's power in our lives and flowing through us for othersas these ministers experience in their lives and ministries!  Thank you

again for becoming monthly financial partners with us in Christ.  We expect God to bless you back

abundantly, and I pray that you will expect to partake of the same grace!  Remember, we (Christians)

are the Blessed of the Lord and a great Blessing to others!  Our contact information is under the box marked "contact us".


If you would like to give by check, you can write us at 124 Evergreen Ct., Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353.  If you have any prayer requests please write to us at that address or email us at:  dwayne7@att.net          Thank you.

Dwayne & Leia Norman

Also, we have downloaded 14 of our books to amazon.com as Kindle books (the front cover will be different, but they are the same books).  I hope that they will be a great blessing to you!