Dwayne & Leia Norman

       I hope that you will check out our internet radio program "Victory in the Word" Monday through Friday at 4pm Eastern Standard Time and Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7:30am on wofr.org (The Word of Faith Radio Network).   Also, you can go to youtube.com and listen to over 300 past radio broadcasts by just typing in Dwayne Norman on youtube.com     If you would like to hear our radio program on your phone at the same time it airs on the internet then dial (605) 477-5254.

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Also, we have downloaded 14 of our books to amazon.com as Kindle books (the front cover will be different, but they are the same books).  I hope that they will be a great blessing to you!

     For many years I've been training Believers in the understanding of what their ministries are, and how easy and how much fun it is to lead people to the Lord.

     We are in as close to the last days as we have ever been and God is stirring up revival among His people.  We need to realize, as Brother Hagin Sr. prophesied in 1989, that we are God's Elijah army in the world today!  It's time to move out in the Spirit and Power of Elijah!

     I believe that God wants us (the Church) to take His Gospel with signs following into all the market places.  It's time for the Church to not only tell people that Jesus is the risen, triumphant Christ, but to demonstrate it in power through the gifts of the Spirit!

                                                    Dwayne & Leia Norman